SPARKLING ECORA 2017 – The Biggest Dance Competition in Indonesia

Hello Dancer!
We are pleased to announce you that the registration is finally OPEN!
We dare you and your team to be a part of the biggest dance competition in Indonesia by JOINING US NOW!
This competition will divide into three different genres and dont hesitate to approach us:
* Traditional/kontemporer: 0816967912 // dincaaay
* Modern/hiphop: 081275402482 // nandaaclaudyapp
* Cover: 082167741753 // tulife
This competition will be held on:
📆 November 2017
🏢 Brawijaya University, Malang
This competition registration fee is:
💵 IDR 150.000/team
The registration starts from Today, July 5th until October 4th 2017.
You can fill the form here to register:
Do not miss the opportunity to prove your team’s talent and creations!
Line : @erl8782h
Ig : sparklingecora
Twitter : @sparkling_ecora
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